Old Android device as Keypad

Hi All, i am new to the forum but have been using smartthings for a while now. I have an idea in regards to using an old phone/tablet as a keypad to get around the problem people are having with the lack of keypad device.

The way i see this working is having an old phone/tablet with sharptools, tasker etc installed and a single home screen showing widgets for arming/disarming SHM. Then use the pin protection on the device itself as a substitute keypad. So the normal scenario would be as below:

Open door/window etc --> begin countdown timer (30 seconds or so?)
Go to phone/tablet and unlock using the desired PIN (Could use tasker to automatically turn on screen when front camera detects motion ?)
Press a widget to DISARM the system
Disarm SHM

If the disarm button is not pressed within the 30 second window then use smartthings to activate a siren/camera etc

When exiting the house the flow would be
Go to phone and unlock using the desired PIN
Press a widget to arm the system --> begin countdown timer (30 seconds or so?)

I know how to do all of the above apart from the timer at this point (I’m deciding the best way to go about it). Does anyone have any comments in regards to why this would or wouldn’t work ?

Going forward if using a tablet this could double up as a dashboard for controlling the whole system etc and thinking you could plug the device into a smartthings plug and have it turn on/off the power dependent on the battery level.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to implement the timer ?

take a look to webcore. You can define a piston with your rules.
You can find webcore references in the forum.

Have you given ActionTiles ($23.99 after 14 day free trial) a try?

It has PIN Protected Tiles feature as of the latest version, which can be used for SHM, Locks, etc., and Virtual Switch Tiles which can be used for non-SHM based alarms…

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When you say webcore are you talking about the smartthings CoRE smartapp ? I’ll take at action tiles as well. Sounds good

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