New ideas for SmartThings monitor/display? (2021)

I bought an Amazon Fire 7 tablet in 2017 and used ActionTiles and Fully Kiosk browser to use as a monitor for my system (primarily to know the alarm status but I added things like a stream for a security camera, weather, switches, etc). I bought a 3D-printed mounting case and used the power wire from my old alarm panels. However the wifi has started to die on these tablets.

What are people doing nowadays for this purpose?

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Not much has changed. Fire tablet and 3D printed wall mount.


Fire Tablet 10, FKB and SharpTools.


Home Remote on a phone, it’s all the interaction I need tbh

Sounds like the answers so far have you pointed in the right direction. Fire tablet + SharpTools + Wall mount is a great solution today!

Feel free to tag me if there’s anything I can help with!


Samsung Tab A7 Lite 64gb/4gb ram setup in landscape mode sitting on my desk using a case with a stand.

I’m using SmartThings Favorites page, SmartThings widget, SmartThings Devices and Media add-on, Alexa Favorites, SharpTools wigets, Google Home app since I can organize my device in rooms differently than I do in SmartThings, Tasker, and Nova Launcher. And because I’m using Nova Launcher, I have other apps displaying things like weather forecast widgets. And an app displaying a website in a widget for other data like air quality.
Example: (https):// York&state=NY&country=USA

Questions about the Fire tablet. Is there device security, like a lockscren? And if so, do you use it? Do you have to be logged into your Amazon account all the time?


Thank you everyone. SharpTools looks beautiful but I am very hesitant to start using a subscription based product at this time. It’s just a personal preference. @joshua_lyon have you explored a higher fee for a lifetime license? Maybe a Black Friday special :wink:

The lock screen is disabled for my Fire devices because I use them to get info quickly (alarm status, weather etc). I use an alternate Amazon account to log in to it that has no payment info. Any attempt to disable the ST home alarm requires a pin.

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If you are looking for a SmartThings dashboard with a onetime fee, ActionTiles is very popular. They have a onetime fee per ST location.