Help with a timeout App

(zraken) #1

Hi, I need an app that can monitor one or more doors (contact sensors) and send a push message and optionally turn on one or more sirens/alarms if any of the doors have been open for more than a configurable amount of time. Also optionally allow the alarm to be turned off after a configurable number of seconds.
Is there is such an app (or something close that I can modify) please send me a pointer, if not I would appreciate it if someone feels generous with thier time to write one up.
I already have an app that can do one door at a time but I’m really looking for a single app that can do it for multiple doors (I believe CORE also needs multiple instances to be running to monitor multiple doors).

(Bob) #2

Have a look at webCoRE.
From your description it should do what you want easily.
Have a look at this thread.

(zraken) #3

Thanks for the tip but looks like it will quickly get complicated if I have to monitor multiple doors independently. Might be easier to just use groovy directly. I need to get this done within a couple of days and don’t have the time to code it up myself, I’m hoping someone knows of an App that mostly meets my needs.

(Bob) #4

Not really sure what you mean by this.
I’m sure if you look into webCoRE or CoRE you will find you will be able to achieve what you want.

(zraken) #5

The problem is that when I’m monitoring (say) 5 doors, each one can independently open and close and I have to maintain state for each door over time and detect when any of them have individually gone over a timeout. It might be simple to do this for one door at a time but I would end up having to create & manage too many Pistons.

(Bob) #6

Ok no problem.
You can monitor individual, multiple devices for time open/closed etc. etc.
Store them to variables etc.
I think you may be surprised at what you can achieve.

(Robin) #7

In webCoRE:

any of A B C… X Y Z’s Contact stays open from more than X seconds
send notification
Sound alarm
Wait X seconds
Turn off alarm.

Doesent need to be complicated or use multiple pistons.

(zraken) #8

Ok, that seems as simple as it could get. Thanks for the pseudo code, I did not know you could use those kinds of statements.

(zraken) #9

Maybe that was too simple to be good :confused:
I did as pointed out (see below) but I don’t get any of the push messages after leaving doors open for a while.

(JIm) #10

Theres an app running around out there somewhere called, ’ something left open’. Does just what you want. Webcore is more versitle, but another option.

(zraken) #11

@RobinWinbourne if I do get the Webcore to work somehow is there a way to send a push message indicating which door was left open from among the list of doors that are being monitored?

(Robin) #12


The notification could entered into webCoRE as follows:

Warning, the {$currentEventDevice} has been opened.

(Pizzinini) #13

You can set up a monitoring rule in the "Custom"section of Smart Home Monitor in the mobile app.that sends you notifications and/or turns on a siren if a door sensor is open for longer then a specified period of time.

(Robin) #14

That is certainly possible, but it won’t state the device that caused the trigger unless an individual custom rule is created for each individual sensor.