Alert if door left unlocked after specific time?

I am looking for an app to notify me if I left my door unlocked after a certain time. I have searched but cant find anything. Can anyone help me with this?

You could do this with CoRE as long as your lock is Z-wave.

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( this is a clickable link)

Go here and sign up, there is a smartapp that does it

Within the Smartthings app this is under “Smart Home Monitor” on the main dashboard. Tap the words Smart Home Monitor, tap the gear in the upper right, choose a Custom type, New monitoring rule, choose Lock as a device type, select your lock, choose Lock unlocks, choose how long before notification, choose a limit of how many minutes before duplicate notices, tap next in upper right, chose your notification options. I use push notifications to the app only. Don’t forget to tap save in the upper right.

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I have switched to the new app and I do not seem to find this option anymore. Could someone confirm it is not available anymore? And if not I think we definitely need this monitoring option on the new app for safety reasons.

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