webCoRE Introductory Video

(Robin) #1

As requested by a member of ST staff, I produced this video to introduce everyone to webCoRE and to show the power of what it can do to Senior ST Management.

All praise goes to @ady624 for making this video possible, without webCoRE there could be no webCoRE video!!

This is my first ever attempt at recording and editing a proper YouTube clip, so go easy on me :grinning:


Follow up installation walkthrough here:

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(Chris) #2

Great job!

(Ron Talley) #3

Awesome Sauce! Your voice is very pleasant to listen to. Sounds like you should star in an 007. :joy:

Mixture between Morgan Freeman and Jesus. :sunglasses:

(Jimmy) #4

Great job! Except you pronounced the letter Z wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

(EinarS) #5

Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?
What´s it like?

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

You’ve inspired me! (or I have to hire you whatever is easier… :thinking:


nice work on the video @RobinWinbourne!

I have what is probably a very simple question for one of the power users out there. I have the below piston that keeps going off every time there is a change in temperature within the time parameter. I would rather only have it go off once per day within the time parameter. (i.e. once the blinds close for the day, I do not want the piston to run any longer for that day.) . What is the easiest way to make that happen? Also, I find it interesting that when the temp changes, the log shows the piston trying to run. However if the SolarRadiation changes without the temp changing, the piston does NOT try to run. Only when the temp changes and is above 60 does it then look at the SolarRadiation. Is that because for some reason the SolarRaditon value comes in as a string that I have to turn into an integer to make my comparison? Or is it just because that condition comes after the temperature condition in the piston?

(Bob) #8

I will take a quick pass at this question. Does the “Lower Kitchen Blinds” switch know if it is up or down and can you use that as a condition of your if statement?

(Robin) #9

Try setting TEP on the action to condition change only.

Not sure about the solar radiation, maybe it’s just always below your set threshold?


@treboreon unfortunately the lower kitchen blinds switch does not know if the blinds are up or down.

@RobinWinbourne I’m kind of a newbie on this so dont know what you mean by [quote=“RobinWinbourne, post:9, topic:87465”]
Try setting TEP on the action to condition change only.

can you be more specific?

the solar radiation is definately above the threshold. Every time the temp changes, above or below the temp threshold, the log shows the piston trying to run. It just does not do this when the solar radiation changes. Could it be the order within the piston?

(Jon) #11

Click on the ‘with’ and then press the settings cog bottom right and the task execution option is there. Set it to condition state change, with this on it will only run the ‘then’ when the condition changes to true and not each time the temperature changes.

Not sure about the solar part,

wiki article here


Thats exactly what I needed @Jonpho & @RobinWinbourne. I am sure it will work. The funny thing is that the temp just hit 60deg here and is dropping so I wont know for sure it will work until tomorrow but from your description and the Wiki page it looks exactly like what is needed. Thanks guys :grinning:

(Robin) #13

Nothing a hair dryer can’t solve.

(Jon) #14

not just me thats done that then!

(Matthew Valeri) #15

Fantastic video, following WebCore but not using it yet, this has given me the ability to visualize what people are discussing in the project thread.


@ady624 you may want to think about making ‘Execute tasks on condition state change only’ the default for new pistons? It seems as though most times when you evaluate a condition you would want your task to only run once unless the condition state changes?

( I hate Mondays) #17

I can give you examples in both directions… For example, many want to report temperature, people are abusing the piston state these days… temperature is one thing that changes and you may want data reported. On the other hand, you may want a single notification when the temperature goes over X degrees. I can’t really tell which one has more advantage over the other. There will be a template site for pistons, so people have a starting point and that hopefully covers most users. But if I change it, others will request the opposite of your request, so it’s really a coin toss.

(Brian Diehl) #18

Great video!

I guess I will need to get webCoRE up and running now.
I just recently deprecated my last few rules from Rule Machine to use CoRE.
Using a browser will definitely make this go a lot quicker than using my mobile or using an Android emulator.

(Simon) #19

Great job. Clear, concise and very easy to listen too.

You missed your calling as a voiceover artist :slight_smile:

(Charles) #20

@RobinWinbourne Great intro. Now that you have the process, are you planning any others? This seems trivial, but well-suited to a video: I really struggle with using the piston editor, even on a Windows browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE - any of them). It would be really useful to see piston creation, slow and deliberately. Just a thought.