Help with a Aeotec Multisensor 6 ZW100-C

(Phil Pugh) #1

I have an existing ZW100-C working as expecting after changing from moisture sensor to the correct device type, have added another two which were this time detected as a Multisensor 6 (I assume because the first one already existed) but these ones won’t capture motion. I have tried a couple of other DTH to resolve this but none of them are doing the same.

Before I rule out an issue with the devices themselves do you have any suggestions?

I’ve tried removing and re-adding a number of times. One difference between these two and the existing one is that the LED lights are smaller but I assume a change to the design rather than anything else as they are both listing the same firmware and have same label on the back with model number etc…

(Grahame Case) #2

Did you ever get this resolved ? I have two multisensor 6’s purchased newly from Amazon in the last 3 weeks - both won’t detect motion when set with any of the DTHs suggested on the forums. Only way I can get them working is to select the generic aeotec motion sensor version 5 DTH

(Grahame Case) #3

UPDATE : got them working, forgot to publish the device handlers! Rookie mistake

(Phil Pugh) #4

Oddly enough with this one, I managed to get them to work the day after by trying exactly the same thing I did when I posted this!