GE 4 way wiring , with this type of wiring HELP!

Hello, I have done 3 way wiring in my home with the GE smart switches and add-ons and have zero problems. I want to do a 4 way with 1 GE Z4001 and 2 GE add-on switchs and now I am confused by the wiring. Below is what my wiring looks like. One thing to note is all my switchs will be in gang boxes that have extra neutral wires. So this photo does not look like I have neutrals but I do.

Thank you!

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That setup will work fine with a master switch (where line and load is - right most switch box in your diagram) and two add-on switches. Wire it the same as line-switch-load-switch-1 in the FAQ and wire the second add-on in parallel to the first one. You will not need to use any other wires in your boxes than those in the diagram above. Also note you will only need two wires between each of the switch boxes instead of the three that currently are used.

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Hi, I have tested my wiring and have this same setup. I now understand how to wire the master switch–thanks to the helpful posts of community members. I want to make sure that I understand how to wire the other two switches. Assuming everything is as indicated in the above diagram [4-Way (Power and Light to same Switch)], my plan is to:

  1. repurpose the white wire with black tape (I will remove the black tape) as the neutral wire going to the two other switches (and connect it to the neutral wire from the master).
  2. use the red wire as the traveler to connect each switch
  3. place a cap on the black wire in each of the three boxes

Would this be correct?

Thank you everyone for your help.

That’s correct.

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Worked perfectly. Thank you!