Help wiring Aeon Micro Smart Switch in box w/3 switches

(Brian) #1

Trying to wire up an Aeon Micro Switch and running into some trouble. I’m putting it into a box that houses 3 switches for my garage. It’s just for the middle switch. My main problem is with the neutral wire. There are 6 neutral wires all pigtailed together. Apparently, they’re all on one circuit, and only 1 seems to actually have power. However, if I use that one which successfully powers the Aeon switch, nothing else in that garage functions, presumably because the rest of the circuit is no longer closed? As this is a garage, it is protected by GFI, so that may also come into play here.

My best guess is that the neutrals must remain connected for the rest of the garage components to work. Does this mean I need to get a separate wire from the Aeon switch and pigtail it in with the other 6 neutrals? Seems excessive if that’s the case. Space is already tight in that box.

(Brice; #2

Yup, you’ll need to pigtail a short piece of wire from the existing bundle to the Aeon switch to make everything work correctly.

(Brian) #3

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot.