Favorite dimmable dumb LED light bulb with color temperature selection?

Is there a non-smart LED light bulb that people love? I’ve used a bunch, but a lot of them suffer from bad flickering. I’m finding it difficult to research online. Ideally, I’m looking for something that goes up to 100W equivalent and either has 3000K color temperature or selectable.

Flickering is almost always an issue of the interaction between the switch, the fixture, and the bulb, not just the bulb. So it would help if we at least knew which smart switch you were using with these. :thinking:

Also, what country/state are you in? The device selection does vary.

All of that said, Lutron has done a great deal of research and has a nice selection tool.

I use Caseta switches, and for that model with color temperature 3000, they recommend either a GE model, or the eco-smart A19J14DE26830Z.

I have use the eco-smart and found them to work well. If you’re outside of California, Home Depot carries them in four different color temperatures:

Here’s the link to the Lutron research:


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I’m using Zooz ZEN72 and ZEN77 dimmer siwtches. I’m in NJ, USA.

Thanks for the recommendations!

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Ok, those should be pretty similar specs in this regard as the Caseta switches, even though the internal radios are different.

You might also want to ask Zooz tech-support if they have any recommended models. They’re usually very helpful. :sunglasses:

The bulbs @JDRoberts suggest should be a good choice. I have a few of them, plus several other brands.

Perhaps you are already aware, but not all LED bulbs are “dimmable.” And dimmers can use different technology (leading edge vs. trailing edge dimming). I have several Zooz ZEN77, as you do, and note a difference in dimming behavior between those and the earlier ZEN27 dimmer. In one case, I found bulbs from a different vendor worked better with the ZEN27–even though both were advertised as “dimmable” bulbs! The ZEN77 seemed better. YMMV, so find a brand or brands that work for you and stick with it! :smile:


He doesn’t go over with smart switches but it’s interesting, I ordered some and am going to try it with a GE Dimmer

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Very thorough testing – – thanks for sharing it. Phillips usually has really good engineering. :sunglasses:

I got some Phillips bulbs, and I’m really happy with their dimming performance. The problem is they only sell 2700K and 5000K in the US. My preferred color temp these days is 3000K. Philips does, indeed, make their Ultra Definition bulb in 3000K, but for some reason it is only sold in Canada. So I’m trying to pull some strings to get some from Up North.