Help! Unable to connect KU6670 curved TV to SmartThings

I am unable to connect my Samsung TV KU6670 to SmartThings. When I first bought the TV (2 years ago?) the SmartThings Classic app could find and add the TV and Samsung Soundbar. Now, I can only connect the soundbar and not the TV, but can’t control the soundbar. I have tried using both the Classic and new apps (just to eliminate)

When trying to add the TV by model number, I receive the attached error message within the SmartThings app.

My TV has been updated to the latest software version and has automatic updates turned on, it is on the same network as the ST hub, and is logged into the same Samsung account. I’ve also tried unplugging the TV, resetting the ST hub and rebooting the network, so totally out of ideas now. Any suggestions appreciated :blush:

Do you have location services enabled for the SmartThings app on your phone?

Yes, it’s set to always