Deleting smart apps ..ERROR

I am trying to remove smartapps that I have now abandoned due to the migration, but cant seem to get them to delete.
in the IDE I go to My locations/list smart apps/edit… this gives a delete option alongside each one, but all i get is
“There was an error uninstalling your SmartApp”
Anybody know how I can remove these as they are now redundant
Ive read various posts on the matter, and the above method seems to work for others

I had this problem, delete the smart apps from smartthings app (they are at the bottom of the automations tab) then delete them from the IDE. It worked for me.

Thanks for the suggestion…I wish I could… !
I get "something went wrong Please try to install the smart app again "when I try from the app.
Why is this so difficult ! :slight_smile: