Help to use this Tuya device with garage door

Been trying to get a edge driver to work with this as a garage door opener but can’t find one to work it’s driving me nuts if someone could help

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In the case of tuya devices, just looking at the case doesn’t help. You have to follow the directions in the Tuya FAQ and get the fingerprint and the clusters.

FAQ: Using Tuya Zigbee Devices Directly With a SmartThings/Aeotec Hub (2024)

That still doesn’t mean it’s going to work as a garage door opener, though. People will need to know the brand and model of the garage door controller that you are trying to use it with.

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I did check that out and tried a few drivers just couldn’t get one to work nor was there one just for a tuya zigbee garage door opener
The name that comes up it just says generic-ef00-v1
Model ts0601 and manufacturer code tze204-nklqik62
There is no actual brand name on it

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And what’s the brand and model name of the actual motor for the garage door opener. The tuya device is just like a switch for it. But you must have another device that has the motor to open the door.

It would be a craftsman model 139.53930DM
I have non clue about these edge drivers