Help setting up two unique hub locations

Granted, first of all I’m not real “Smart” on SmartThings.
I have two vacation rental properties that I want to use different hubs to control front door Kwikset door locks.
I have had the first location PROPERTY 1 working well for some time (with the help of RBoys Basic Lock User Management (one-off) and User Unlock/Lock Door Notifications and Actions).
I went to add the second hub at the second location. I went to “Add New Location”>Gave it name PROPERTY 2>Added the Welcome Code and now I have two hubs listed under PROPERTY 2.
“Hub is Online”
"Hub is Online"
How do I separate each Property with its respective hub.
As it is now, the only way to tell the difference between hubs is how long they have been "Online Since"
Hopefully someone can “Smarting” me!

I would definitely contact for help. I’m not sure what’s going on, but you’re not supposed to be able to have two hubs at one location, so something seems very strange.

What OS are you using on your phone? And did you add the second hub through the mobile app or through the IDE?

Sorry for not being more clear. I added the second hub on a different network at the PROPERTY 2 location. On the APP is shows that both hubs are online (which they are). They are just online at two different locations.

I added both hubs through the APP. I don’t know what the IDE is.
The OS of my phone is up to date and is iOS 9.3.2

I figured how to get on the IDE and was able to edit the names of the each of the HUBs. However, they come up under the same location. I would like to have them under separate locations since they are 6 miles from one another and it would be easier to manage them under separate location names.

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I think you need to contact for help. They should be able to get you straightened out. Sorry to not be of more help. But they’ll be able to see things from their side and should be able to set it up the way you want. :sunglasses: