Move V1 hub to office

How do I go about adding my old V1 hub to a different location? I received the V2 and have already moved all my home devices to it.

I thought there could only be 1 hub per network. However, the last time I looked into this was when SmartThings first launched. Maybe they have made changes since then.

I guess my reply doesn’t really help you. :grin:

Sorry, I should have been more clear. My office is on a different network and in a completely different city. I guess I would actually be adding a second location.

Just adding a second location will work. Also you can have two hubs on one network. It’s how I slowly migrated from V1 to V2. No issues running the 2 hubs side by side.

Looks like I need a new welcome code. Message sent to support.

I had the same question and it looks like as long as you remove the location you can re-set it up. Also the original welcome code should still work. When I asked support that question they also gave me my welcome code in case I did not know where it was which led me to believe its the same code.

The code looked quite familiar but I think I saw somewhere that it could only be used once. I’m curious if support has to re-enable it.

Yeah now I’m curious how it works. It would suck to have to contact support just to have to repurpose the hub I paid for. I’m sure if that is the case there is probably a good reason

As long as you were able to successfully remove your hub from ST then the code will work. If the hub is still associated to ST then the code won’t work. The code basically just reflects you hub sn/mac.