2 Hubs in same location

My new Smart Things Hub (UK) has arrived and i’m able to setup things accordingly. One way i’m trying to make it work is to have 2 hubs (one US, one UK) in the same location) and use location as an option to have both working at the same time in the same house.

Does anybody have experience with that ? Does location allows and is suitable to have 2 hubs working in the same location? does this really allow me to have one hub for certain sensors (US ones) and the other one for UK /European ones ?

The “location” which is part of your SmartThings account is limited to one hub per location.

You can have 2 hubs in the same physical building, each controlling its own devices and unable to see the devices connected to the other hub, but you will define each hub as its own “location” in terms of your SmartThings account.

You can then switch from one to the other in the mobile app on your phone.

Any smart app or routine will only be able to work with one location, so you will need two copies of the smart app if you want one for each hub.



Also, since the SmartThings hub does not do channel hopping, there is a fairly high probability that the two zigbee networks will interfere with each other, particularly if the hubs are physically close together. But for that when you just have to try it and see.

There are people using two hubs at one address, but the second hub is typically physically located at a distance, such as in an outbuilding. So you may have to experiment with placement.