Help - Replace Spectrum Router (RAC2v1K) with SmartThings (ET-WV525), Directly to Modem (E31U2V1)


Right now I have SmartThings ET-WV525, wired to a spectrum router (RAC2V1K), wired to my modem (E31U2V1). I want to remove the spectrum RAC2v1K from the equation, and have the ET-WV525 plug directly into the modem and serve as the sole router. (I also have 2 other ET-WV525’s meshed with the wired one.)

It does work, but i do encounter issues with Sonos, Ecobee, etc that I believe are driven by having this chained set-up. I also end up having multiple wifi networks - not sure if that impacts interference.

Has anyone gone through this process, or have troubleshooting recommendations?

I have searched on this, and have not found anything. When I’ve tried plugging the smartthings directly to the modem, it didn’t work.


Power off modem (E31U2V1) and SmartThings ET-WV525 for 1 min.
Power on modem (E31U2V1). Let it fully come on line. If your not sure what that looks like, let it sit for 15min.
Plug modem (E31U2V1) into SmartThings ET-WV525 port marked in.
Power on SmartThings ET-WV525, watch the leds and wait for it to come online

If that worked awesome, if not the led should tell you why.