Which version SmartThings router do I have? Model number ET-WV520

I bought it as a 3 piece mesh kit for WiFi and Z-Wave and I’ve had a lot of disconnects from my Z-Wave devices over the past few months. Is my ET-WV520 still supported? Thanks.

That’s the original generation, Samsung Connect Home.

It’s been officially discontinued and replaced with a newer model, the version with Plume, but your model is still supported, and should still work.

You should contact support for assistance to see if they can tell what’s going on:

That is a Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi mesh router with built-in SmartThings Hub. Yes it is supported. ST has been transitioning from their old Groovy based Device Type Handlers (DTH) to the Lua based Edge drivers that run locally on your hub. Your devices may have been migrated to stock Edge drivers that don’t support all of the capabilities of your devices or there could be an issue in your Z-Wave mesh that a Z-Wave Repair might remedy. Knowing the device manufacturers and models of the devices that are going offline would help point us in the right direction.

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The first problems happened with a couple GE Outdoor Light and Appliance Modules ZW4201 - they just stopped working and I “removed” them and then reinstalled them and they don’t work.

How would I “Z-Wave Repair”?

try installing a community developed Edge driver for those. Once installed, switch the driver for the device… either in the ST app or Advanced Web App

Use the following link to enroll in the channel and install the driver on your hub: Channel Invitation

you can z-wave repair from the ST app or Advanced Web App. In the app, find and open your hub, tap 3 dots, choose Settings, Select z-wave utilities. In Advanced we app, tap on hubs in the menu and open your hub.

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I installed the driver and everything is working perfectly. Many thanks.