Samsung smartthings wifi et-wv525 compatibility

Hi, i’m trying to extend my network but seems like the exact mode isnpretty much extinct. There’s a few et-wv525bwegus and et-wv525kwegus available. Also et-wv530. Any idea if they would be compatible? I already got burnt by buying smartthings hub v3 and home connect wv520 which do not work with my system, so can’t be too careful

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Hey there! @Michal_Kriukow, Thanks @jkp.

Just to make sure I’m understanding your desired goal, you currently have a (1) Smart Things v3 Hub and you are wanting to add additional range and are confused about the model compatibilities?

Let me first start by explaining the ranges so you can make your best-informed decision on what is needed for your system. The below ranges are general guidelines of range in the most ideal conditions. Ranges will vary based on different variables, such as layout, building materials, and sources of interference.

1 Wi-Fi Hub - up to 1500 ft2
2 Wi-Fi Hubs - up to 3,000 ft2
3 Wi-Fi Hubs - up to 4,500 ft2

The first two models Bwegus and Kwegus are both Smart Things Wifi hubs with Plume, I provided the range above as the only difference is (1)-pack vs a (3)-pack. If you are using the v3 Hub as a hub only, and connect any Smart Things Wifi Hub those would be the ranges you could extend per sub-hub and are able to add more of the hubs up to the limit of 32. You can connect up to 32 additional Wi-Fi Hubs for your ecosystem.

Essentially v3 used as Hub only>1 Main WiFi added to your location> Your desired number of extenders as sub-hubs.

ET-wv530bewgus is a single Connect Home Pro, and you would not be able to add it Smart Things WiFi with Plume as a sub-hub and would not be compatible, it would have to be a Smart Things WiFi Hub.

ET-wv530 - Connect Home Pro is supported in the new Smart Things app with 5 hub limit.

Additionally, if you ever want to know the compatibility of a specific device it is recommended to check by model code or Smart Device Brand here at this link: Samsung Smart Home Compatible Devices > Select Supported Devices.

I hope this message finds you well!


Thanks for the reply detailed,
I currently have 3 x et-wv525 smartthings wifi and 1 x et-wv520 smartthings home, which i was unable to use as network extender so i’m planning to replace with a new device.

So based on what you’re saying, v3 huns are out of question, 530 is also out, bwegus and kwegus are same thing? So ultimately to extend my 525 network the device i chose has to be another 525?

Happy to help @Michal_Kriuko, that’s is correct v3 Hubs would act as a hub only and not give you the ability to extend further than what you have now and you would ultimately need another 525 device(s).

In summary, you have the options of the (B)ewgus Model 1 (pack) or the (K)wegus3(pack) with no spec differences, with the ability to add up to 32 for the maximum limit so it’s really up to your coverage needs of how many you need total. I am currently running 7 of the et-wv525’s for the space that I need to be covered. I really hope this helps with making your decisions!