Can't connect Multipurpose sensor to the smartthings app

I’m having a hard time connecting my Multipurpose sensor top the smartthings app. It’s keep on blinking red and green even when I hold down the reset button for more than 5 seconds with the sim ejector tool.

Which generation multi sensor? Which hub model? Which app?

2018 version of senator and hub and the smartthings app that came preinstalled on my Galaxy Note9.

Are you getting an error when scanning the QR code?

Yes, after scanning the QR code and saying “verifying code” for a few minutes, it says that it has trouble connecting.

How far from the hub is the sensor when pairing? Is your hub at least 5 ft from any WiFi access points?

My Smartthings Hub is underneath a 6 footer table. My Amazon Echo Plus is on top of the table. I was trying to pair the Multipurpose sensor sitting on the chair at the table.

I called Samsung about this and asked me what color the LED on my Smartthings Hub is and I told them that it’s blinking blue. They told me that that means that it’s disconnected from the internet. At the end, I connected it to the router through an ethernet port and I can now successfully connect my Multipurpose sensor to the Hub.

Glad you got it figured out! In the future, convey ALL information about your hub when you make a post here.

Hi there, I’m having the same issue with verifying codes on multiple accessories (multipurpose and water leak), but my hub blinks green. It keeps saying there’s an error connecting. I’m close to the hub when I’m pairing.

None of the sensors will reset either after holding down the connect/reset buttons - stays red and green.

All devices including hub is brand new. Hub install was successful.

Could you please help?



Start with making sure your hub is away from your WiFi router.

Still stuck at Verifying Code… both sensors don’t reset as I tried that. Maybe because it’s in the process of trying to install and hasn’t been connected to the hub yet. Cant get past this 45% stage when it scans the QR code to verify…

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Have you found solution for that?

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