Humidity reading from smartthings windfree a/c

Is there a way to get humidity readings from a smartthings a/c? if you put it in dry mode it gives you a humidity reading, but theres no way to do automations with it? is there a way to get humidity readings and do automations?

Robert, do you have a hub, if so what version? Were you able to add it in the Smartthings app? What model number is the AC unit?

Often, there are capabilities that are available to display information about a device that are not available in the ST Routines. To see if there is a humidity reading capability available, use the ST Advanced Web App and look at the Attributes section for your device. If there is a humidity reading there, you should be able to use a 3rd party rules engine like to create routines for the device using that attribute.

hey thanks for that, yeah i can see humidity is an attribute is there an alternative to sharptools to use this attribute for an automation? like a vitual switch or something?

yeah i have a hub v3, yeah its in the smartthings app, Model: F-AR09TXEABWK1 2.5kwh windfree smartthings samsung air con

From what I’m reading, this is a Wi-Fi device which means it likely integrates via the OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) protocol which does not require a hub or driver to use it with SmartThings. Samsung TVs and Refrigerators use the same methodology. The challenge here is that Samsung/ST controls the device profile and what is exposed for the device card and automations. I don’t know of a way to do a custom profile for OCF devices so there probably isn’t a way to get a community developed solution.

You could certainly create a virtual device that has a humidity attribute and use that in a ST Routine, but you need some way to mirror the humidity value of the real device to the virtual device. With humidity only exposed in Sharptools for automations, you will still be dependent on a cloud routine to keep them in sync. In that case, not sure there is much difference between using a single Sharptools rule and using a ST Routine and a Sharptools rule.

thanks that seems to work using humidity for automations with sharp tools