Help! Mimolite vs Linear relay garage automation

alright so i did some research on the mimolite and the linear relay and really like the form factor of the mimo with the screw terminals versus using the wire nuts for the linear relay. I ended up buying the mimolite and wired it up correctly as virtual momentary switch. my question is sometime it seems like the mimo relay goes offline at time and won’t function automatically and to remedy this i power cycle the st hub, then it works fine. My question is, is signal drop a occurance of mimolite and should i have gone with linear relay instead? My garage is 3 walls away from the hub so i think it may be distance in which case I am hoping that the linear zwave dimmers switches i get will help with their zwave repeater function. let me know your thoughts everyone :smile: and thank you.

p.s. i am aware getting zwave repeaters to work is little more roundabout versus zigbee repeaters, so if anyone can explain how to get zwave repeater functionality in the mesh network that would be very appreciated.

I find the garage is the worse environment for a mesh network. A car in and out of the garage as well as open and closed doors and other unique characteristics can play havoc with radio signals.

A simple way to extend the Z-Wave network is to add a GE/Jasco receptacle between the hub and the MIMOLite. It costs a little more than just a repeater but gives you more functionality (controlled outlet and night light) and looks nicer. Make sure you do a Z-Wave repair a few times to update the mesh tables.

@beckwith hmm ok thanks for the reply. yeah im thinking of the linear zwave dimmer switches because i have an avaliable neutral in the gang boxes and i heard bad stories of ge dimmer switches that cause loud humming/ flickering etc. I am almost certain that linear zwave switches are zwave repeaters. ohh and btw how do you repair the zwave network. do u mean power cycle the st hub or is there a spot on the ide that can repair zwave network? please and thank you.

Go to the IDE and click on “View Utilities” in the hub section and click “Repair Z-Wave Module”. Otherwise you can do tap the “Repair Z-Wave Network” button from your phone in the hub section.

@beckwith do you or anyone know if the linear gd004 garage door opener work with automation on smart things? From my research it seems like it works as a remote switch but I want to know if automation can be achieved with the linear gd004 or if running linear/mimo relay with tilt sensor is still the better option for garage door automation?