Issue with MIMOLite Zwave Relay

I have 2 of these. One connected to garage door opener and another connected to doorbell. Came home yesterday to find my garage door was open and doorbell not working. Both units are stuck on and can’t be turned off. Hard to believe they both broke at the same time. Any ideas on troubleshooting?

I’m looking for some relays myself. I would to see what the issue is

These have been working flawless for over a year. I’m not sure if a recent hub update caused didn’t cause this. I’m nervous, because my garage door opened all by itself.

I literally 15 minutes ago had this issue. Mine has worked perfectly for a year+. It’s working again now. I’ll tell you what I did. First, my MIMOlite is hardwired to activate my wireless garage remote. I came home yesterday and my door was open too. This happened right after I recieved an email from Smartthings telling me they had to push an update to an earlier update to correct an issue that update had created. So I climb up there and the battery in the remote was fine. If I unplugged the MIMi then plugged it back in, it cycled and opened/closed the garage door once. Pushing the button on the remote connected to the relay did nothing. I then noticed the light on the remote was constantly flashing rapidly as if the button was being held down so I guessed the relay was just latching closed. I unplugged the relay, held down the black button on the MIMO while plugging it back in, then release the black button after a second and let it go through it’s diagnostics. You can find the sequence in the relay docs. For my purposes though, I let it click twice as it ran it’s tests, I then tested it using the Smartthings app and it is now owrking properly. I also changed the icon but I can’t imagine that had anything to do with it working again but you never know with Smartthings do you? Anyway, it’s working now but the real final tests will be if it actually opens automatically when leave and come back home and whether it continues to work.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

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I just returned home and the garage opened normally/automatically. So far so good.

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FYI - I had a similar issue with my MIMOlite on March 2nd (FortrezZ Mimolite unexpectedly opened door). I’d be really curious to know if you both had the three ping commands sent immediately before the door opened.

Not sure. I had to exclude and re-add both to get them working again.

This just happened to me. :frowning: Will try the tips.