Best sensor for laundry monitoring?

(Bob Anderson) #1

I just looked through many threads about laundry monitoring and could not come to a conclusion:

Is there any conventional wisdom about the best sensor to use for this? A vibration sensor ought to work for me, both my appliances are quite wobbly :/. But it seems like people are using a multi-sensor for that that wastes all of its capabilities except for the vibration sensing. Am I missing a dedicated vibration sensor?

(Keith Croshaw) #2

My experience with the Aeon Smart Sensing Outlet is that it’ll probably work if you don’t mind your notification being late. The Power value is very slow to update, I think it’s a licensing issue is what I’ve heard as Aeon wants a cut for live data. I could be totally wrong. This is the app it would work with.

(Brice; #3

Good question. I don’t have any good info for you, but I am interested in the responses. My wife and I tend to leave clothes in the washer for too long and have to rewash them :grimacing:.

(Keith Croshaw) #4

I thought there was a stock SmartApp that used acceleration capability. Maybe it’s community made.

(Bob Anderson) #5

How late are we talking?

This solution looks good to me, and is a bit cheaper than the multi-sensors.

(Tim Slagle) #6

Definitely anything that does power sensing.

Might be a minute? Nothing crazy…

I have one of each of these for my washer and dryer:

This one updates every second…

This one every minute or so.

(Keith Croshaw) #7

Wow I’m jealous. I wonder how the ST branded one does, looks the same.

(Brice; #8

Are there any power sensors for 220V dryers though?

(Tim Slagle) #9

they’re basically the same device from what I understand

(Keith Croshaw) #10

Looks identical. Good to know.

(Erwenger) #11

Why doesn’t this work??