HELP! Integrate Fortrezz Water Valve with Samsung Water Leak Sensors

I have multiple Samsung water leak sensors at home (crawspace, sinks, washing machine, etc), and recently purchased the Fortrezz Water Valve (installed to the main water supply to the house). I would like to set up an automation such that whenever any of the Samsung water leak sensors report leakage, the Fortrezz Water Valve shuts off the water. This should be on top of the built-in water sensor that’s part of the Fortrezz.

I can’t find the option in the SmartThings app. Can someone please share with his/her experience? Much appreciated!

You can do this with the Smart Home Monitor for Leaks.

Go to add new SmartApps, go to SmartThings Recommends and find the Smart Home Monitor - Leaks one.

I think that worked! Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

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