Fortrezz Local wired Leak Probe close notification

Hello, I have the Fortrezz WV-01 valve and a couple of the wireless sensors. I do not get any notification if the local wired probe causes the valve to close. Does not appear to be an option on the Leaks app. Valve does not have IFTTT ch. Can not seam to find an app that will notify me if valve closes due to local probe activation. Any suggestions?

I recommend looking into CoRE:

Link to the code and instructions is here:

I have looked at these and been thinking it may be time for such a thing. I have a few questions…

This is listed in the MarketPlace as a supported device, so I assume pairing as the correct device with DTH is a non issue? Have you stuck with the original paired DH or changed to an upgraded community DH?

Are you using ST water leak sensors to turn off / close the valve if “moisture is detected”

What Smart Apps are using (I assume not CoRE) ?

Battery life?

from your post - the leads for moisture detection that come with the device are not able to send notifications just close the valve.

Did you do the install yourself (complexity details?) … was in on a main house water value or a specific unit like a hot water tank?

Thanks for any info. regarding the Fortrezz device.

John, thanks but that’s beyond me. I’ve never done code (if that’s what CoRE is). I do plan on learning some day.

Hi Andrea, I was having some plumbing work done so the valve was soldered in, but I could have done it with shark-bite fittings. My valve is on the main, after the original manual shut-off. I am using the Smart Things app and it recognized the valve no problem. I also purchased two Fortrezz brand wireless water sensors. I did have to go into the desktop app and change the device type to Z-wave to get them to work. Sorry, I don’t know what you are referring to (DTH). As for battery life, cant say as I’ve only had this up and running about two weeks, however the Fortrezz sensors use two AA batteries so I should get better life than a Smart Things sensor. I also read that the Smart Things leak sensors are about a one time use if they get wet. If the wireless sensors detect moisture, I do get a notification, but the direct wired sensor attached to the valve does not notify. I also don’t get a notification if the valve opens or closes other than the icon on the smart home monitor shows status.


THank you very much for all the details. Isn’t an inexpensive product so I like to see what others experience is.

Yes changing the device type as you refer to here is exactly what I was curious about. DTH = Device TYpe Handler.

It does seem that you should be able to get some notification from the sensor directly - pretty strange. For sure a notify when the valve open/ closes - have you tried any “notify” Smart Apps to get that to work ? Is the device paired as some type of open/ close Zwave device ?

have you already tried this code?


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