Halo Compatibility

I know Smart Labs (Halo) is out of business. Is there any way to connect their Halo Smoke/CO detector to ST?

Yes. Put it in pairing mode and choose another non-ST zigbee device from the list to add.

I just paired 3 yesterday. 2 regular and 1 Halo +. ST picked them up almost immediately and they work good, except humidity is 5000% on the halo +, not sure if it’s the driver or device is messed up.

Hold the center button for 20 seconds and reset the halo first, then it should pair right away after hitting + in the smartphone app(classic app only from what I’ve read)

Yep, got mine to pair, but now I get every weather alert possible. I suppose there’s no way to adjust that. (Please tell me I’m wrong.)

Are yours reporting humidity?I have a Halo plus that reports 5000% humidity and 2 regular halos that always say zero humidity.
My Halo plus will constantly blab the weather if I don’t shut the weather notifications off in the classic ST mobile app on Android