Zigbee Smoke Detector (SMCSM01-Z)

I have a preexisting smoke detector, SMCSM01-Z and am trying to determine if is compatible with Smartthings.

I believe it is a Zigbee device. How would I put it in pairing mode if it is compatible?

What does the device’s manual say?

I wasn’t the original owner of the house and thus don’t have the manual for
the smoke detector.

I have tried searching for instructions/manual but found nothing stating
how to pair. I have also not found any smartthings discussions on whether
this device is supported.


Probably uses a proprietary protocol that’s meant to be used only with its own gateway. The manual should say somewhere it uses the zigbee home automation protocol if there’s any chance of ST recognizing it. And it should say how to pair with a zigbee gateway.

Looks like a proprietary protocol. There was mention of pairing by holding
the test button for 8 - 10 seconds, but doing that a number of times, did

Thanks for your assistance.

Maybe down the road will replace our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. :slight_smile:


You can check the forum for several topics related to connected smoke detectors to get an idea of your options.

If you’re not in the market to buy a new one yet, keep an eye out for halo, uses the standard zigbee profile so it should work with SmartThings as long as someone develops a device handler for it. It’s been showing up on lowe’s website but not really in stock yet.


I’ll pass on that one.

I don’t mind buying cheap, no-name contact or motion sensors directly from china.

When it comes to smoke and CO detectors, though, I try to raise he bar a little higher.

Pop open the case. Remove both batteries, then while holding the tamper button insert just one battery until the green light flashes then insert both bats and do your scan. It will pair up as a Thing (zigbee) of course. Now just to find out what thing to make it. I’m at that stage now.