No devices can connect using zigbee

Hello. I have been having issues with my zigbee devices.

  • At first all I had connect was a Yale Deadbolt. This stopped connecting, but I didn’t troubleshoot too much and figured I had to move it closer to the hub to get it connected again. This did not work. I factory reset the device and tried again after I removed it from smartthings and it still didn’t work.
  • I then found out the Halo smoke detector is going out of business so I tried connecting it to the smartthings hub and this didn’t work either.
  • Lastly, I just purchased the new version of the smartthings multi-purpose sensor and this couldn’t connect out of the box.

Here is some of the troubleshooting I have done:

  • Unplugged the hub (v2) and removed batteries for over 20 minutes. Plugged it in and waited overnight for the mesh to rebuild. No luck connecting anything.
  • Reset all devices and tried connecting.
  • Looked at IDE and none of the devices are on there.
  • Looked at the event log when I start connecting in the app and it only mentions z-wave.
  • In IDE it says my zigbee is functional (see below):

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

did you try “unsecure rejoin”?

Yes, unsecure rejoin has been enabled the whole time.

Is your SmartThings hub near your router? Try moving it 10 feet away because both Wi-Fi and Zigbee operate at the same 2.4ghz frequency so you may have some interference issues. You could also try changing the Wi-Fi channel on your router. Unfortunately, the channel is automatically set on the Smartthings hub when it’s first set up and cannot be changed.

Reach out to support. I had a similar situation and they remotely flashed my hubs zigbee firmware and fixed it.

Thanks Jimxenus! All I had to do was move it to a new location and it worked perfectly!

I am having this same issue. Devices randomly go ‘OFFLINE’ and I cannot add any new Zigbee devices.

Sidney, any chance you’re at the 32 device limit?

32? When I search ‘smartthings device limit’, it states that Zigbee has a limit of 232 devices. Are you saying it’s actually 32? If that’s true, that’s very disappointing.

Right now, I have 25 bulbs and 5 Motion Detectors.

Do ‘buttons’ count as devices?

I miss counted. Yes, I have 32 devices.

How do we overcome this 32 limit?

If that’s all that can be added, I’m going to be very disappointed with this.

Yes, everything counts as a device and it looks like you don’t have any mains repeaters (plug in devices such as outlets and switches) so you have hit your limit with the direct connection to the hub. What kind of bulbs do you have?

Bulbs are Sengled.

Sengled bulbs are purposely designed not to repeat. I suggest you get some repeaters such as the Lowes Iris Smart plug to help extend your mesh network. Check the deals forum as similar devices go on sale all the time.

So, if I add one of these, how may more devices can be added?

And if I add 2 of these, how many more devices can be added? And so on…

I’m not sure but it will definitely help to build out mesh network and expand your capacity. I have over a hundred devices and probably a dozen or so zigbee repeaters. Please keep in mind that the SmartThings hub can also use Z-Wave protocol and that’s a totally different mesh. I have both so I also have Z-wave plugs for repeaters. I believe Z-Wave allows more hops away from the hub.

Ok, I will try this.

Thank you for your help!

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I found the "Samsung SmartThings Outlet [GP-U999SJVLDAA] Smart Plug - Alexa Compatible - ZigBee - White " on Amazon for $5 less than the Iris. It says that it is also a zigbee repeater.

Is one better than the other?

The SmartThings outlet repeats zigbee. But the Iris 3210-L outlet is rare in that it repeats both zigbee and z-wave when setup properly.

Ok, thank you!

I don’t have anything Z-wave right now, just Zigbee.

This one is quite inexpensive, under $24