Help! Evolve LFM-20 and Gate Opener

Okay, I’m not great at this and tried to hook the Evolve with no luck. The gate is operated by a Chamberlain Liftmaster (model 412 hm-01) (owners manual: )

Basically, 4 connectors labeled 1-4. 1 and 2 are 24v AC/DC, 3 and 4 labelled relay). Is it as simple as connected the white and black (neutral and line) to 1 & 2, and then the blue wires to 3 and 4?

No. Black and white need be wired to standard 110VAC from a wall outlet. If you have an old power cord you can strip one end and hard wire to the LFM20 black and white. Make sure to get the hot and neutral correct. The two blue wires go to the wall button terminals. On the receiver that would be terminals 1 and 4.

Thanks you. Will give it a shot once I get get back up from storm :slight_smile: So basically, 3 & 4 to blue wires and hook up to the 110v that is also present. Shouldn’t be too bad.