LFM-20 not playing nice with wall button

(Ibai) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m just starting to configure my SmartThings set up. One of the first projects is the garage and I already hit a roadblock.

I have a LiftMaster 3255 that has a white/red type of connection with the wall switch. The connection is the “quick connection” type of deal, press a tab and squeeze the cable inside. I plugged the LFM-20 in parallel, in no particular order (blue to red and blue to white). When I press the button in the Evolve twice the garage door opener opens and twice again to close. That works fine.

But, that bridges the in wall button that somehow, stopped working. And that’s a dealbreaker.

I haven’t paired it yet, would that resolve the issue?

Also on pairing, I’m not being successful in pairing the relay from the garage (distance is to high) and when I do it close to the hub doesn’t work either. Is it correct to assume that the blue cables need to be hooked to the garage door opener to be able to pair it successfully?

If this has no solution, is there any other device that can help me be successful?

Thanks in advance,

Liftmaster Wall Switch partially working with LFM-20
(Edward Pope) #2

If you are going to use the old switch you cannot wire this in parallel. You have to setup a 3-way to do this, and that would require replacing the old switch with a LFM-5 (I think). Once you do this and follow the wiring, assuming the hub is not too far to pair with the device, you should be good to go.

(Ibai) #3

Thanks for the pointer.

Based on this article: http://www.incontrolzwave.com/post/2011/12/29/Garage-Door-with-Cell-Phone.aspx it looks like it’s possible. I just need to tweak it.

I’ll try to pair it this weekend and see if this is possible (an access point in the garage should allow me to get the hub close enough).

(Michael) #4

I have a Linear FS20Z-1 which is very similar to the LFM-20 hooked up to my LifeMaster and it works fine. Here is how I set it up:
Since the relay needs 110 power, I decided to install it in the ceiling using the same power going to my opener.
I pulled out the single junction box and replaced it with a double gang and put the original outlet back and the Linear beside it.
I disconnected opener wire from the LiftMaster and then twisted those two wires to the Linear’s blue wires.
I used an extra piece of telephone wire I had laying around and twisted a pair of those wires to the blue wires and then capped them.
I then hooked up the other end of the telephone wire to the opener.

In my case both the Linear relay and my original wall switch work to open the garage. I hope this helps your situation.

Liftmaster Wall Switch partially working with LFM-20
(Gus) #6

cancel that last request. I had excess wire from the door button so I cut a piece off and used that.