Help, did I just do a factory reset?

My hub was randomly offline most of last evening and all through the night. I did not want to deal with it then so I thought I would wait until this am to see if it was back online. It wasn’t so I unplugged the power and ethernet a few times but no luck. I then pushed the reset button in the back and it asked me to setup the device when it came back which worked but now all of my devices are gone. I’m crapping myself if I have to set them all up again. Does just pressing he reset button on the back do a full factory reset? Please tell me no and that I can get my devices back? I am using the smartthings wifi hub if that helps.

Sadly, yes. :disappointed_relieved: The purpose of the button labeled “reset“ on the back of the hub is to factory reset the device.

If you just wanted to reboot it, you disconnect it from power and then reconnect it, but you don’t push the “Reset” button.

You can contact support and see if there’s anyway to recover your information, but I don’t think so.

Oh Crap, that is what I was afraid of. What a mess! I guess I have a long day ahead of me. Thanks for your reply.

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It sounds like you have to hold it for ~10 seconds for a full reset

Definitely did not hold it for 10 seconds as I was afraid that if I held it in too long this would happen.

True, but the OP said all of the devices are gone from the account, so…

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maybe @Brad_ST knows what happens if the button is given a quick press instead of held.

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I did the same thing at the weekend :roll_eyes: Hub disconnected green led? I am now much more familiar with resetting multiple devices :unamused:

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A quick press and release is harmless (~1 second).

I am sorry the hub was reset! What was the intended outcome of pressing the reset button? I’m wondering if there is room for clarification in the docs that could prevent this in the future.

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