Lots of devices offline

I think around yesterday lots of my devices went offline. All Sylvania lights, all Smartthings contact sensors, all Smartthings motion sensors, and Smartthings buttons.

I think Smartthings went through a major upgrade and not sure if it’s related to that. I just can’t go around and reset and rejoin and reprogram all of these. Any tips or tricks?

Thank you.

Login to the IDE and try rebooting the hub. That usually fixes issues like this. Hopefully, it’s that simple of a fix.

That didn’t work but I just reset everything and it fixed.

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What do you mean by “reset” everything? Do you delete all the devices and add them again?

Push and hold the reset button of each device with a paper clip. No deleting. Just rescan thru the app and it finds the same device with all its configuration. As if the device was off