Help customizing default Aeon Multisensor 6 DTH

Hi guys - I’m having trouble with Eric’s awesome DTH for the Aeon Multisensor 6, likely the result of receiving a unit with that latest firmware v1.12. So in the meantime I’ve had to go back to the default DTH which does not have the same issues (mainly the reporting interval).

So in the meantime I’d like to make some changes to the default DTH, but am running into some challenges. Could you please help with the following:

  1. The default Aeon Multisensor 6 DTH has 8 minutes as the shortest reporting time. I tried to modify that default DTH to support 5 minutes, however it still only reports every 8 minutes. I changed this:

     input "reportInterval", "enum", title: "Sensors Report Interval",
     	options: ["5 minutes", "8 minutes", "15 minutes", "30 minutes", "1 hour", "6 hours", "12 hours", "18 hours", "24 hours"]

By just adding the 5 minutes option in there. So I get 5 Minutes as a choice in the ST app configuration which I set there and saved the settings, and woke up the Multisensor, but its been a couple of days and it’s still only reporting every 8 minutes. Is there something else I need to do that I missed?

  1. Also I am trying to adjust the humidity offset because it’s off by 3%. The default DTH does not have an option to set an offset, so I changed parameter 202 to -3. However the humidity % still shows without the adjustment. Any ideas here?

  2. How would I go about adjusting the temperature offset by -1? I don’t see a way to add the “201” setting/field, and don’t understand the docs about high/low byte.