Help a newbie please - GE Smart receptacle not working

Hello, new member here looking for some help. I bought a Smartthings hub and one GE smart receptacle model 12721, got the receptacle in and the hub installed w/o a problem.

Plugged in a lamp and can’t seem to get it to turn on and off reliably, sometimes I can get it to turn on and off from the iPhone app and other times the app is reporting the status change but the lamp stays on/off? Attempting to control the device via Alexa voice control gives the same results.

This is the only Z Wave device in the house, and the Smart hub is appoximetly 60’ away with 2-3 walls in between. I have tried refreshing the network, disconnecting / reconnecting the device, renaming the device, always the same result.

Anyone have an idea?

I don’t have any great ideas, but I would look at this?

As a test get a long cat5 cable and move the hub closer. See if your reliability improves?

You really don’t have any devices in line to help the hub bridge that gap.

My 2 cents worth.

It could well be a range issue. 60’ is within the general range of Z-Wave but the walls are going to have some impact. You may benefit from a wired Z-Wave device somewhere inbetween if moving the hub is not practical.

Got a wall switch installed between the receptacle and the hub, that did it!

Thanks for the help.

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