GE Z wave Receptacle won't turn off

Worked fine up until the firmware update. Now it can turn on but won’t turn off. Status in the app always shows off even when I turn it on. Can only be turned off manually with the button on the outlet. Tried zwave repair, didn’t help. Anybody else ever have this issue? Anything I can do or do I have to exclude it and repair?

I have one and haven’t noticed any issues, but it’s really only used in the winter to control a space heater. So I haven’t turned it on in a while. According to the app it is turnign off and on, but I am not home so I can’t verify it is in fact turning on and off. When I get home I will check it out.

With the Z-wave you can replace it. So you could exclude it and then replace and not lose any smartapps you have attached.

Did you get a solution for this? I just installed my SmartThings hub and installed a GE Smart ZWave Receptacle. It turns on every time, but will not turn off, unless I hit the local button on the receptacle. I had originally installed it as a “generic” device, but then I deleted it and reinstalled through the Marketplace as the correct device. No joy either way. Right now I’m just trying to turn off and on in the ST app.

Anyone have an idea on this? I have a GE zwave outlet, and it shows device health as ‘device unavailable’ but after forcing exclusion and adding again, then I am able to oddly able to turn it on if it’s off through smartthings classic app, but it won’t turn off. I have a V2 hub.

Anyone find a solution to this? I have 3 of these outlets that are doing the same thing, will turn off but will not turn back on with the app.

Never found a solution