GE Z wave Receptacle won't turn off

(Anthony Genovese) #1

Worked fine up until the firmware update. Now it can turn on but won’t turn off. Status in the app always shows off even when I turn it on. Can only be turned off manually with the button on the outlet. Tried zwave repair, didn’t help. Anybody else ever have this issue? Anything I can do or do I have to exclude it and repair?

(Mike) #2

I have one and haven’t noticed any issues, but it’s really only used in the winter to control a space heater. So I haven’t turned it on in a while. According to the app it is turnign off and on, but I am not home so I can’t verify it is in fact turning on and off. When I get home I will check it out.

With the Z-wave you can replace it. So you could exclude it and then replace and not lose any smartapps you have attached.

(Andy McClure) #3

Did you get a solution for this? I just installed my SmartThings hub and installed a GE Smart ZWave Receptacle. It turns on every time, but will not turn off, unless I hit the local button on the receptacle. I had originally installed it as a “generic” device, but then I deleted it and reinstalled through the Marketplace as the correct device. No joy either way. Right now I’m just trying to turn off and on in the ST app.