Smartthing device to control a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan

I have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and I want to control the lights and the fan speed via a ST appliance, switch, device or controller. I have one light switch that gives power to the the fan, then I use a Harbor Breeze remote to control the two lights on the fan and the fan speed.

What ST appliance, switch, device or controller can I use to control the ceiling fan lights and the fan speed?


See the fan FAQ. Although it has Alexa in the topic title, it describes switch control devices that work with fans with SmartThings, so it should answer your questions.

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Check out these two topics. I was able to get this to work with my Casablanca fan.

Yes, that is option number one in the FAQ linked to above. :sunglasses:


If I’m reading this correctly, I need a Remote Controller MR101Z and a Remote TR227A, correct? What is the KOF Zigbee Fan Controller? Where do I get it?


You need the Hampton Bay Wink Controller kit (unless you try to go the ‘spare part’ route which may be more expensive). It is available through Home Depot.
That includes the control module which goes in the fan mounting bracket and a hand-held remote control The control module has two antennas, one for the hand-held remote and one for Zigbee. If you want a wall-mounted controller you can buy another kit It contains a wall-mount battery operated remote (fits in a standard junction box) and another non-zigbee controller (which you can just toss). It uses the same RF control as the hand-held remote and is completely optional.
The KOF Zigbee Fan Controller is a Device Type Handler (DTH) which you can get for free and install in your ST setup. The links and detailed instructions are in the links I posted before. If you are technically savvy, it isn’t too bad, but if you are not, it could be quite difficult to manage. And it only works in the ST Classic App (as far as I know) at this time.
I will warn you that it seems to need a very strong Zigbee signal to stay well connected. This is discussed at length in the links I posted. I have two and one of them regularly loses connection. It seems to fix itself after a while (maybe a day or two) but I have it in my plans to try to get a stronger Zigbee signal to it.
Good Luck!

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Thanks for the input.

This was an excellent explanation of both the controllers. Thank you @Bruce_Young