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Thanks for posting @gausnes and welcome.


Hey, he said he was lurking for awhile. Assuming he has some desire to actually answer what is going on behind the scenes it would be nice to hear anything.

@Alex doesn’t answer questions anymore. His sudden stop in posting here has me thinking he has left ST. I don’t think any of the ST staff that post here have mentioned him since his last post. They know something we don’t, he is gone. Only one ST related tweet since early August.

I am just speculating, @Alex has invited it by abandoning us.


My thoughts exactly. I expected some kind of announcement, probably the kind executives get, like “spend more time with family,” or, “pursue other interests,” or (the golden parachute), “is busy working on special assignment.”

The next phase of the acquisition is well underway…


This isn’t necessarily an assign task, but I have been keeping the forums open on my personal computer and have down time throughout the week for various reasons (primarily waiting on feedback from other devs).

I feel like by only PMing elect community members, people that don’t post or are less prevalent members of the community would be unintentionally left out of the loop and ignored. I would like to see all members of this forum feel like they have some insight to the work happening here at SmartThings.

I don’t know if I would say that I’m optimistic, the quote below lead me to make this post. Its more about transparency than anything.

@pstuart that is quite the list, I’ll see what I can do about finding out more about the current status of those items.


Don’t worry, I’ve had years to build it. :slight_smile:

Somehow I feel you are swimming upstream. Hope you don’t get smacked down…

I appreciate your enthusiasm, applaud it actually.

Good luck with all that :slight_smile:


Hey Luke, welcome to the forums. And Luke… I am NOT your father… sorry :slight_smile: but I’ll give you this advice:

Tread carefully :snake:

Actually, I plagiarized that from @tgauchat… LOL


What precisely do you guys mean by that?

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Sorry, but this is absurd. Alex’s desk is 20’ from me.

We sure do! We’re working on several things right now that we can’t really talk about. Stay tuned.

Welcome @gausnes :wink:


I think what they are trying to say is we have watched other former ST employees speak up on the forums to then disappear into the ether. By ether I mean, no longer with ST. Or hidden in some dark part of ST and never allowed to post because they are always “heads down” on “projects”…

Anyway, head on a swivel…


Yeah I don’t think their warnings are nefarious but rather are likely genuine concern. While this community enjoys the involvement with SmartThings employees we have, there is a decent history of broken commitments and lack of follow through that leads to a certain degree of cynicism. From my perspective the community, for the most part, is fair but tough. Lots of valid frustrations that we all know you won’t personally be able to rectify but will likely tag you with anyway. Lots of hard questions where any stumble is magnified by your position.

I for one applaud the engagement though. If everyone waited until they were as knowledgeable as @JDRoberts then he’d be talking to himself :wink:. There is no rule that says you have to always be right, be held personally accountable for SmartThings delivery on its promises, or that everything you say is immediately a “SmartThings decree”.

To SmartThings credit, part of the reason people are suggesting to tread carefully, is simply because so few companies interact with customers in this way, without pr/marketing vetting every post, that both sides are still learning how it works best.

Oh and

@Tyler could you learn over and maybe just put it in Alex’s ear, that these kind of rumors start when you just all the sudden go dark without any kind of closure to a commitment made just over 4 months ago saying that for the foreseeable future you’ll be providing weekly updates as to the platform/product progress. If that future has come to pass, fair enough, but a recap post describing the end of that period and what the transition to the next looks like would have been nice (maybe I missed it, but couldn’t really find anything since 7/23). Yes I realize this comment puts me squarely in the group of cynics I described above. I’m a pleasant cynic though :slight_smile:


No, it’s great feedback. Definitely will :slight_smile: .


That would be awesome, @Tyler! Thanks for clarifying the whereabouts of @alex

As Mark Twain supposedly said, “Reports of my (demise) are greatly exaggerated!”

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yes, but @tyler only said his desk was 20’ from him, not that Alex actually was at said desk…

Just saying… Proof is yet to be had that Alex is still alive and well and running the ship. However, I know that @tyler is the actual pilot of said ship.


If I mail you a yard stick, will you thunk him in the head and tell him to get online?

And we wonder why more SmartThings employees don’t engage on the forums. Warnings of “dragons” and suggestions to “tread carefully” don’t put this community or its members in a good light.


Personally… I think people take this way to serious… Just sayin…

I expect my car to work every time I go get in it, for years I expect this.

I expect a lightbulb to come on when I flip a switch, it in our case, walk in the room.

If the car doesn’t crank, I miss work.
If the light doesn’t turn on, I either have to extend a massive amount of energy hitting the switch on the way by, our my socks might not match.

While I’m sure I just climbed in a coffin, we have to remember, it’s a hobby.


Hey I just copied it ;)) found it funny :wink:


A hobbit? Where?! (breaking the ice, diverting the discussion elsewhere, failing at it too)


Except for most people who purchase it, it’s not a hobby. It’s a consumer product. Like a car, or a toaster, or dishwasher. Or a security system. They expect an MFOP (maintenance free operating period) of about a year, judging by most consumer studies.

It may well be that for many of the people who post on these forums, it’s a hobby, which is fine. But that’s not how it’s marketed, and it’s not why most people are buying it.

Just sayin’…