Proposal: When Smartthings is "experiencing issues" take the store offline

… provide some motivation.

That’s what’s known as a Catch-22. If the people who have the authority to make that decision actually made it, it would indicate that they’re already sufficiently motivated, and this problem wouldn’t exist to begin with.


LOL :joy:!

Samsung is still selling phones, right?

If they take the store offline when there are issues then you have to ask when would the store be online.

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With the amount of issues they have and the length of time the issues go on for, I am convinced that it is due to a flawed architectural design that cannot be fixed piece by piece.

They won’t rearchitect as it will require skill and money. At least they won’t until @alex quits / gets fired so they have someone to blame.

Does anyone really buy sensors from ST that can be gotten cheaper elsewhere (even when ST has a sale).


It has been so long since his last promised “weekly update” that perhaps this event already occurred & all parties are under a gag order?

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Yeah. I’ve speculated before this may be the case. A skeleton crew is responding to issues & putting out fires while everyone else works feverishly on a replacement architecture. To wit: where are all the new features, Bluetooth, et. al.?

You first need a stable platform…

One of the guys at ST said he was still there as of September.

Unfortunately without proper leadership with some guts, this is never going to happen. I always tell people that are impressed with my system to not bother with ST as it is not stable enough for someone who just wants it to work and isn’t willing to put up with fixing things.

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Actually… he said his desk was there… maybe there’s a new game, "where’s Alex? "


@Alex who? :smiley:

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Perhaps someone could tell us if anyone ever sits there? :laughing:

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