Hello I'm @gausnes, how can I help

There goes @JDRoberts being right again. Darn it :wink:


I understand that… But look around… Who here is “most people”?

How many people on this forum actually care what the box said? I didn’t even read the box. I just want to live in the starship enterprise!

Yes, there are those that bought it as a consumer product. They are the ones with 4 devices total.

We have mailboxes that send us text messages, a can that tells us if the dog was fed and when it was last done.

I’m not insulting folks, I’m just putting a light on it that seems to get over looked.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve spent to many years at sea… And the simple things make me smile.

Edit< this is my thought process with all if this.

What could I do a year ago?
What can I do now?
Look at how amazing the difference is, and there’s still tomorrow!

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This thread is one group. The people who come to the forum are a much broader group. :sunglasses: And the group of people who buy the product and never even get to the forum is much broader yet again.

But just think how many times somebody comes to the forum and asks “how do I make the three lights in a room all go on and off together?” Or “how do I turn a light on with the motion sensor?” Or “how do I put a light on a timer?”

Those aren’t home automation hobbyist questions. They aren’t starship enterprise questions. They’re $10-timer-bought-in-a-drugstore questions except put in a network context.

Doing any of those things should be fast, easy, and reliable. No matter which of the three audiences we’re looking at.

JMO :sunglasses:


True on all of that.

Look at my post a very broad and sweeping type of thing… Put it in retrospect if the big picture… That’s all… Nothing serious, nothing demeaning…

Here. I think this sums it up pretty good…

In the infamous words of the great and nobly Tommy Chong
~ Why can’t we just get along man? ~

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@JDRoberts honest question: how much do you want to be wrong ONCE? :slight_smile: (friendly bribe LOL)

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Hey, I’ve been wrong plenty of times. Just yesterday I said the Mimo had four outputs, and it doesn’t, it has two in and two out. @Ac7ss fixed that one for me. :sunglasses:

There’s the famous one about the sensor in the freezer, lots of people pointed that error out, including @johnconstantelo . :wink:

And then there’s the one on Echo notifications where I was waaaaaay off and @bamarayne showed me the light. :bulb:

I’m just one of those people who does read the box, and the users manual, and the third-party certification. And I remember what I read. Most of the time anyway. Add that to the fact that I’m super interested in things that most people could care less about, like network protocols, and I tend to stand out when somebody has a question in one of those areas. But other than that, I’m just as wrong as the next guy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can I give a slightly different perspective. I am older than most if not all of you. I have ZERO computer background or training. " in the beginning"…before plug and play, installing any software, updating any OS was a crap shoot…my family used to take about removing all sharp objects from the office when I was trying to make changes…my husband and I take about how similar SmartThings today is to Windows and computers in those days…that being…showing GREAT promise…but not ready for prime time. We are very very happy with SmartThings as we understand we have to be patient and understanding of the growth and knowledge curve…my 2 cents, worth no more than half that!


I agree the warnings are a extremely over the top. However Alex is your leader and his absence is not setting a great example.

Fast forward 20 years later, Windows 10 is still a crap shoot. One said INVALID_BOOT_DEVICE, another one says it is not genuine. Same identical 15 computers purchased at the same time, upgraded to Win10 at the same time. So there you have it, still crap shoot, but we think we know more of why it happened ;)) we don’t :wink: black box in the room.

As far as ST goes, I have been eyeballing it for a year+ and when I finally saw it on sale ($199 at HD) and after I convinced the teller to give me 5% off on my HD card (they used to do that) or else I’d go to Lowe’s (who don’t carry it)… I installed it. I love it, but then again I am the guy who runs beta software on his phone, watch, and laptop. Heck, I’d be crazy enough to run beta software on my car’s ECU… then I discovered RM which two days later went missing… then I asked “how about we make another”… and @JDRoberts seemed like having a friction about that - which challenged me. Did I mention I hate enjoy being challenged? So then CoRE was born, and in a way I have to thank the right guy who now claims he’s sometimes right (yeah, he’s wrong my a$$, never!). Wait, y’all have to thank @JDRoberts for that… he he… And now I have to admit that the ST team is on this CoRE journey along with us - they HAVE LEARNED from their RM past… and to @gausnes’s surprise, ST IS running community software in a staged environment, including CoRE. Which is how they prevented another disaster a few days ago. But the community doesn’t know/see that. And I blame ST for not telling them they are indeed better than what we - the community - think they are. They are learning from their mistakes and I felt proud to have CoRE run in search for regressions. Oh and did I mention I am always right? LOL


20 years???..oh you spring chicken…


Windows 95 through Windows 10… 20+ years. Not to mention Windows 3.1, 3.11 (networked yeeey), and NT4… I have never seen Windows 1 or 2 in action…

And I believe “before the plug-n-play” puts us at right about there… 20+ years :wink:

Got my first “computer” in Sep '92… a Zilog Z80-powered Spectrum computer running Basic. Officially called ICE Felix HC-85… loved it… miss it…

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TI-99… 1982…83???

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I was just thinking that. I think I got mY TI-99 in late 1979 or early 1981.

So yeah I like to tinker and fiddle. Luckily my family puts up with it. Yeah Smartthings isn’t everything it was promised. Heck what is anymore? This forum and everyone on it coupled with smartthings makes for a great (expensive ) hobby. That hopefully will become a useful and very functional home automation platform.

I myself appreciate that there are actual company employees trying to help. Try to call for tech support lately?

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Thank you for the outreach.

I realize I am late to the thread here, but my response to your OP would be:


Communicate often.

Communicate without extreme sanitization.


Excuse me…do any of you know what a Trash 80 was??? That should have been about 1982???

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Well my husband says 1980…

TRS 80. Sold at RadioShack in the late 70s and 80s. Affectionately called a “trash 80.” :heart_eyes:


It is?

For some, perhaps. But more so it’s a solution marketed to the mass market. This isn’t a rasberry PI, or an erector set.

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Yeppers…we lived in Fort Worth, TX…home of the Tandy Corp. First Saturday of every month, down off of Long Ave…Tandy had an outlet sale…my favorite haunt back then

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Shi*… this is making feel older than I all ready feel.

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