HUGE THANK YOU to all the Community developers

(John Mielko) #1

It may not belong to this thread but I wanted to say thank you for all your collective hard work to make smart things a viable solution ( platform reliability aside)

I would have dumped ST long ago – to go where I am not sure – If it wasn’t for this Community

So again THANK YOU

(Joel W) #2

I agree SmartThings would not be as it is today if it wasn’t for the community developers as most of the strides forward have been by them. And we have to depend on them moving ahead as St has been slow at development do to various kinks in their system. But we must all understand they are a fledgling business which is probably underfunded by Samsung, and must move along with a limited staff. Typical corporate philosophy demand profits with as little or no investment.

(Larry Larson) #3

Two words… Rule Machine.

(Larry Larson) #4

Two more… Thank you.

(Bobby) #5

How ironic this thread is…It really shows that life goes on. Long live the new king CoRE!!! Thanks @ady624