Hello I am new and have no clue where to start

Well, I just installed the smartthings hub and connected the front lock. I like it. but I am kind of upset that there is no widget for it especially from Samsung. I plan on adding the ring to it and who knows what else. I guess it depends on what I can find to make the house smarter.


If you use the “smartthings classic” app instead of the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” mobile app, you can set up a widget, although you will need one to unlock the lock and one to lock the lock.

If you have an android phone, there are some additional options as well, but they require adding a third-party app.

I am using the smartthings app that not the classic. If I use the classic do I need to re-install everything and set it up.,

The Classic app uses the same Samsung account. You can login to both apps. No need to reinstall or change anything :slight_smile:


You might also want to take a look at the “get started” List under project reports in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. There are all kinds of topics there, including “top 10 things to do with SmartThings“

Just look down near the bottom of the page for the project report section, and the “get started“ list is the first one there. :sunglasses:


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A lock is exactly how I got started…it said it would work with Wink, Smartthings, etc…then, I got the idea to get a hub and got Smartthings based on my research…that was March of 2017. I am now up to 111 devices in my house and have plans for a lot more. I actually enjoy the things I can make it do.


Well the wife wanted the Ring doorbell, so we picked it up and I think I was supposed to connect it to the hub not my wifi right? It just asked which wifi do you want to connect to. I am getting errors when I try to add it to the samsung smartthings and the other smart things app. the error says couldn’t connect to smartthings service.

You will need to connect your Ring doorbell (using the Ring app) to your wifi first and set up your Ring account. Once that is done, you link your Ring account to ST when you go through the setup in the ST app. :slight_smile:


It’s a cloud to cloud integration. See the official knowledge base, just make sure you’ve selected the instructions that match the mobile app that you have.