Does this gas detector work detector work with smartthings?

Heiman Gas Sensor HEIEHS1CG
(please note it’s not the same model no. as I find in other topics about similar looking device)
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Does anyone know if this product works with smartthings? Is there a device handler for this sensor and what kind of events would it provide for automations, and would it work with the SmartThings Home Monitor smart app?

It is zwave per the description, so technically yes if there’s an ST DTH for it, but I don’t see one for their Zwave model. ST has a DTH for their Zigbee version:

Even though it says Orvibo, HEIMAN is in the DTH’s fingerprint.

Here’s the Zigbee version of that device:

Awsome, thanks! think I would prefer a zigbee option anyway, didn’t know this device had a zigbee brother.

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No problem! If the DTH doesn’t get recognized when you join the device, it’s probably just a fingerprint issue. You can always go into the IDE and change that and it should work just fine.