Zipato Combustible Gas Sensor

Hello, it’s worth noting that this is not the first post about this matter, I am aware there were others but they seem very old. I am currently attempting a conversion from Zipato to Smartthings, but I have loads of Zipato devices on the Z-Wave network that I am not exactly ready to throw away just yet, and want to be sure that the migration is at a minimal cost.

I have 4 of these Zipato Combustible Gas Sensors, like the one at this link:

Strangely, I found nothing else about it on the Zipato website. I thought - its purpose being to detect gas and send an alert - that it would be fairly simple and that it would have matched one of the Smarthings built-in DTHs, but apparently not. It is detected only as a Z-Wave Sensor. TO be sure, I tried changing it to a Z-Wave Basic Smoke Sensor - this seemed to work but when I tested (with a gas lighter), the alarm went off on the device but no effect on Smartthings, so in short, it didn’t work. Z-Wave Smoke Sensor (without the Basic) is basically the same.

I had a look a tthe post found here but the original code is no longer on github, and the Homi Gas Detector alternative suggested did not work for me either…


a) Is there anyone who has managed to successfully connect these Zipato sensors? and
b) If not, are there any actual natural gas sensors that have been used successfully with Smartthings? Have to be Z-Wave though.

Obviously, I’d rather get the Zipato ones to work for now, and change them later at my own pace :slight_smile:
Many thanks!

Ok - so for any of you who might have the same problem I have, please refer to this link:

This page has the correct DTH for this device. I changed the code slightly so that it had my device’s fingerprint, which is a little different to the one in the code. You can find this in the Raw Description of the device.

Steps to install:

  1. Include normally, let the system find it - it will be included as a Z-Wave Sensor, then get the fingerprint (mfr) from the Raw Description of the device in the Smartthings IDE.

  2. Exclude it from the system again, edit the mfr in the code to be the same as that of the device you have. Save the code.

  3. Re-include the device, same procedure, except now it will be detected as a “Combustible Gas Sensor”.

  4. Go to the IDE again, change the DTH back to Z-Wave sensor, Update, then change it back to HEIMAN Smart Combustible Gas Sensor, Update again.

  5. If the status of the device still shows up as “Checking…” on the Smartthings app, then test the device (I used a gas lighter emitting gas right “under its nose”, but you can very likely just press the Test button as well. This will set off the alarm, and the sensor will go into “Smoke Detected” status, then it will go to “Clear” on its own.

Hope this helps…

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be aware electrochemical sensor are consumable and usually rated 2-3 years - so the butane/propane real test is best.

Funny mine is zigbee,

metadata {
definition (name: “Homi Gas Detector”, namespace: “jrhbcn”, author: “jrhbcn”) {

    capability "Configuration"
    capability "Smoke Detector"
    capability "Sensor"
    capability "Refresh"
    command "enrollResponse"

	fingerprint profileID: "0104", deviceID: "0402", inClusters: "0000,0003,0500,0009", outClusters: "0019"

Thanks for that info - I was not aware… I will check with propane/butane for sure, as I gave a large capacity tank, 500l, which we use for heating, and it is a legal (and I am certain insurance) requirement to have a gas solenoid cut off in case of a leak in the house… Which is why I have 5 of these devices, and the solenoid hooked to the home automation system as well…

And yes, it appears most of these devices are Zigbee, I found no more than 3 models that are Z-Wave - and I did a ton of research.

Anyway - thanks again :wink: