Heiman HS2SK-Z Smart Plug Fire Hazard

I’ve purchased 4 of these plugs (through recommendations on the community after the Smartthings Outlet potential issue) with 2 more on the way. Woke up this morning to one of them unresponsive and this is why.

Devices were on standby over night using 2w. Even on full load this plug was only powering a flat screen TV and an Android Box. Max load was 204w

Looks like internal explosion as its burst out the side and left residue on my plug socket and wall.

Going to contact seller today and see what response I get. Unplugged the rest of mine for now until I get some clarification

That’s not good.

I’ve unplugged mine just to be safe!

Still have not heard anything back from either Heiman or the Ebay Seller.

However have noticed the returns address of the Ebay account is
Returns Department, Duchy Road Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6NB

Brightstar 20:20 UK Ltd which is named on the Plug (See Photo) is
Weston Road Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6BU

Literally just around the same corner from each other

Was told to bin it by the Ebay seller and they would refund me, so thought id have a look see what happened first. Looks like the Relay Might have blown, either that or there was some short around the end of the wire.


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That plug has been relabeled, that’s not the original Heiman factory markings.


The front also have some different markings as well. Are you sure that’s an original Heiman?

UK based Ebay Seller selling them so not sure

Company info on the Smart Plug
Brightstar 20:20 UK Ltd
Weston Road Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6BU

Ebay Sellers returns info
Returns Department, Duchy Road Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6NB

The pictures on the eBay listing look like they are taken directly from the Heiman tech manufacturer website, but they don’t match the pictures that you posted in this thread for either the front or the back.

I know the differences may seem small, but I would be curious if Heiman will verify that yours is in fact one of their models.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, counterfeit electronics from China is the primary reason that I myself don’t purchase from eBay. I’m not saying that’s what’s going on here, but when it comes to fire safety, the two questions I always ask are first, what was the load at the time, and second, is it a counterfeit device. But that’s just me.

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Granted, it’s the Wi-Fi version, but they are easily available including your own branding.

I suspect that’s why it’s slightly different.

Let us know if you contact HEIMAN.

Still using mine on a kettle\washing machine and other things. Maybe you had a surge?

I’m searching for the android app for them. Will post if I find it.

Was only powering a Flat Screen TV and Android Box. Both these were in power save when it occurred over night. Know from the plug thats only a 2w draw at the time of the incident.

Emailed Heiman at 3 of their email addresses with photos attached yesterday morning. No reply from them yet. Ebay seller was fast to say Dispose of it Safely and we will refund your purchase

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I’ve just received my two today and now somewhat concerned. I paired and tested them and they work ok, but reading this thread has made me nervous. Hope they respond to you, and very glad nothing more serious happened!

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Well still had no official response from Heiman after I emailed 3 of their customer support emails.

The UK seller on EBay seems very legit and official though in their business. This was the first instance of this plug they have come across and they have sold at least 600+ at least from my knowledge.

I’m still using my other ones and am putting this down as some random bad luck unless anyone else reports the same issue.

I’ve recently purchased 6 of these plugs. had two that stopped working (button unresponsive) but no indication of blow out.

to be safe i’ve returned them for a refund and have decided to go over to smart bulbs for lamps instead of switches as I was mostly using them for lights.

ebay seller has been very good. and I’m sure most of the plugs sold are fine.

If you look at any smart plug, even the belkin or tp link variants there are stories of burnt plugs and blow outs.