Power Switches for Heavy Electrical Load?

Hi there, new to this forum, I have a Smartthings at home, and I’m trying to automate heavy electrical loads outside, this is a driveway snow melting system.
I’m aware of the Sinope load controller in existence (50A capacity), but I’m curious if there are any other such products that work with smartthings. I’m also curious if there are any weather sensors that can detect snow and automate the activation of those switches locally.

Thank you

For large loads I would use a smart relay that drives a bigger non smart relay rated for high currents.



What country are you in? The device options do vary.

Also, can you be more specific about your requirements in terms of volts and amps?

If you are in North America, Aeotec, GE, and SmartenIT all make “heavy duty” relays intended for control of things like pool pumps that might work, but again it depends on the exact specifications.

If you are in Europe, Aeotec’s model is also available on the EU zwave frequency.

It can handle up to 40A, which is sufficient for most noncommercial equipment.

Or the suggestion from @csstup is also a good option. :sunglasses:

We’re in the US, but this would be for Canada too

We sell electric snow melting systems and often our customers ask for simple iot based automation to power on the load. Ideally, multiple 40A or 50A loads that can be operated independently and a way to cycle and turn on/off each load in a round robin fashion.

I’ll get an aeotec smart switch to test

Also i’m curious about weather station integration so that cloud connectivity is not required.

Ok, in that region GE would also be an option. (Canada, USA, and Mexico all use the same zwave frequency: EU/UK use a different one.) People often like that one because:

  1. it comes in a weatherproof outdoor box with a standard on/off manual switch included

  2. familiar brand name, although the newest model is instead sold under the Enbrighten brand name

But it still maxes out at 40A.

Anyway, it looks both heavy duty and simple, which can be useful in situations like yours.


The original model was zwave, the newer model is zwave plus. Zwave plus has better range, but the electrical specs are the same.

Other people prefer the sleeker look of the plastic Aeotec, but it doesn’t have a manual button.

If you go with the option @csstup suggested that would likely be hidden inline so you probably wouldn’t see it at all.

I agree, I will use a sonoff switch with a solid state relay 25Amps (SSR-25 AA) to control a heating element. I will let you know how it goes :+1:

as promised, just to confirm that using the SonOff switch with the Solid state relay worked very well and allowed me to deal with a load of 16A. Note it is important to put a heat dissipation to the SSR. It is very quiet and maybe more convenient than a traditional relay.

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