Heatmiser Neo Wifi Thermostat support

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Seems we’ve managed to get heatmiser team possibly interested in providing support for our platform or at the very least a compatible api.


Please lend your support and click on the likes for that thread to encourage them to make it happen! :grinning:

For those that don’t know they make these thermostats:


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This is brilliant news Good stuff Wayne, I have invested in Heatmiser thermostats manly because they were zigbee controlled and i thought that when i designed my heating system 18 months ago that smartthings would support them or vis versa oh how wrong i was :disappointed: but this latest development gives us some hope for future integration :relaxed:

Please lend your support and click on the likes for the Heatmiser thread to encourage them to make it happen!



Does anyone know if the Solfex Neo system is just a rebrand of the Heatmiser? Because they look identical.

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It’s the same. There are a number of rebrands out there. Please follow link and vote to push heatmiser to support the platform.


Cool, done

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Also done, this would be a great addition and it seems to be the first smart thermostat on the market which supports a floor sensor.

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Just posting this on one more thread now that I am fairly happy with the integration I have built.