Underfloor Heating (UK) integration with SmartThings

Firstly, just in case others are searching… I was fortunate enough to be able to install water based underfloor heating throughout my house. The components are all Heatmiser branded. I have two UH1 wiring centres (one for each floor), between them managing 12 rooms, so 12 water circuits, 12 valves, 12 thermostats (PRT-N). The thermostats in each room are 12V and connect in a star fashion to an RS485 half-duplex bus.

My mission has been, largely unsuccessful up until now, to integrate this with home automation (previous Homeseer, Fibaro…). I even considered replacing the wiring centre and all the thermostats, but the cost and effort far outweighs the benefit.

So, I’ve embarked on SmartThings integration. I have a DragonBoard 410c (Windows IoT) board, coupled via UART1 to an RS232->RS485 board, and, UART2 to an XBee Version 2 (Zigbee) controller. The idea is, that the Windows 10 IoT board will read/set temperature values, whilst the Zigbee controller provides the connectivity to the SmartThings Hub.

I’m writing the Windows 10 IoT code in C# through Visual Studio using WinRT coding (everything async) and I’m able to write and read to the thermostats (I have a testbench running one thermostat). I’ve also poked the zigbee controller, joined the SmartThings network, and received the Zigbee HA enquiry packets, but as of yet, not written any code on this side.

This forum article has some useful information, but is Arduino based. Additionally, this article has been very useful from the Zigbee connectivity front. Once I have some more thermostat code developed (to make it a little more robust), I’ll work on the Zigbee side of things…

If anyone is interested in the outcome, or can offer any further insight, please let me know. Here’s a photo so far showing the DragonBoard 410C at the back, the RS485 converter bottom right, and the XBEE module in the middle. The other blue board is a bidirectional level-converter as the Dragon only likes 1.8V on its pins. There’s also a couple of buck converters supplying 3.3v and 5v.

Hi Dave i am just finishing a self build and we have a 15 zone Heatmiser wet system and SmartThings and would love them both to be integrated how are you getting on.

Cheers Juls

To be honest…Very little progress/update since the last time. The thermostat code is good but I really need to start on the xbee stuff. Finding that the day job is getting in the way.

Do you have the 12v thermostat system?

I’m desperate to get this working as I now have numerous amazon dots round the house and all the lights work through SmartThings so just need the thermostats to function next.

If you are still interested in getting heatmiser support please check this link and help vote for it. Thanks.