Heatmiser integration

If any of the Heatmiser users are interested in Heatmiser adding cloud cloud integration with St go to https://feedback.heatmiser.com/?page=1&order=popular&filter=all#controls

Scroll down to Smartthings integration and vote the idea up

I do appreciate @cjcharles has made an excellent integration but it does require work and expertise

Cloud cloud would be a great option especially for Uk users where (Good) smart stats and ST are thin on the ground

Just to note, the idea on the vote page has a planned badge next to it… here’s hopping

Also the neo stats can be configured to be a basic thermostat which I have been chasing for a while now and although poorly advertised, they work perfectly well with 3 wire stat installs that control standard boring older boilers with rads
This makes your old boiler… Smart :grin: (resists further coment) hub required for phone app as is the modern way

Apart from swapping out your old 3 wire stat and wiring the neostat in, no extra wiring is needed, I don’t need timer control because we already have a perfectly good and functional timer already in place but if you so wish, the neostat can also be a timer(additional wiring maybe required dependant on your existing timer setup)

Curious, certainly easier for users, but it would be a fairly big undertaking, and especially if they wanted to implement more than just target temp and current temp. (Adding holiday/boost/… would all need quite a lot of planning on their part since ST doesnt natively support them).

With current NodeMCU approach, is it the setup part that you see as complex?

I wonder if I can simplify the IP address detection for the neohub (and ST partially) since that is the part which requires some tech knowledge

Not sure finding IP addresses is the hardest part CJ
For my use case and I believe many others, a simple zigbee / zwave thermostat is all that is required, it needed to be easy to use and look good with no timer / extra functions, my previous Drayton dial thermostat was perfectly useable but did not integrate within a retro fit smart home, in English, the Mrs needs to use something easily, I have been looking for a long time to find such an animal, the neo stats are usually advertised as under floor heating stats but until you dig down into the poorly detailed use cases the fact that the stats can be configured to become nothing more than a non programable stat is almost a secret, in fact I do know some installers who didn’t even know it was an option

What I’m struggling with at the moment is echo voice commands, as neo stats don’t have off but rather standby, natural voice commands of “Heating off” fail, even the recomended “set to standby” seems to fail

I did set up a Heatmiser IFTTT to Smartthings on off virtual switch, where off is standby and on is 21deg but that kinda made a confusion between on off and voice temperatures

So for me, to have even a simple working thermostat in ST would be a very nice inclusion and allow for already installed ST sensors to come into play