Supporting cheaper heating systems

Very interesting system with an API. This is the first time I heard of it. Is this really popular in Europe?

Heatmiser Neo support would be welcomed by me!

I’m not a developer sadly, but would be willing to offer assistance to anyone who can write the basic code.

The problem with SmartThings is that it does not support sending/ receiving TCP/ UDP. HM Neo uses TCP to communicate and therefore you won’t be able to integrate it with Smartthings. I know, I know, right?

I don’t know of the reason they don’t allow TCP/ UDP - if they did almost anything available would become ST compatible.

I’ve just have to write a Java program for my LightWaveRF Lights which use UDP. I have it running on an always on computer (like a pie) - ST talks to my app, which sends a signal to my LightWaveRF devices. It’s just an extra thing to power and an extra thing to go wrong.

SmartThings needs to get their s**t together, or publish a reason why they don’t support these two low level protocols.

Heatmiser has now added an IFTTT channel. That should allow for some indirect integration with SmartThings.

I’m still looking for heatmiser neo support have not bought SmartThings hub yet but i am also looking at Fibaro Home Center 2 and Z-Wave Vera Plus that i believe all support heatmiser neo anyone got any suggestions?

Cheers Juls

Some of us might disagree…

Cannot refute it being expensive!! With 21 radiators in the house the costs for the valves alone are enough to make me cry! :cry:

That’s true, but you need to look at the bigger picture. With a 20% reduction on your gas bill (you might even get 30%) even though it costs a bit the payback time is fairly rapid. And after that it’s all profit. (Although for me the additional comfort is probably even more important than the cost benefit).

I would very much like them… Just did some maths. I paid 800 for gas last year. Assume 25% saving around 200. 20 valves plus system around 1500. I’d need around 6-7 years to justify…
Would it really save that much compared to a nest? I know all about the heating unused rooms theory. I’ve also read counter arguments about this very thing too.
But in your real world experience have you seen this?

I have Hive (which someone had kindly written a device type and smart app for). It works fantastic with rule machine to turn on/off based on presence etc.
I’ve also just installed Mi|Home eTRVs in the rooms. Again, there is a smart app to integrate these.

I can now control the thermostat and all the individual TRVs from Smartthings or via Smarttiles.

Pretty cheap set up too.

Andrew what app are you using to control the hive and etrv’'s. I have lightwaverf etrv’a and hive

Just the Hive (Connect) and Rule Machine. Although if you don’t have RM you may want to use CORE instead.

Not strictly on topic for smartthings, but…

I feel your pain. Though we took the plunge on 29 radiators and two underfloor heating zones. Two boliers and the hot water kit. :anguished:

If your home is large (which I assume it is given the number of radiators), then in my experience it can save a fortune, and will work an awful lot better than something like nest.
If it weren’t for the Evohome system in an evening, we would be heating the entire living space of the house, some 5500 Sqft, when we are actually only using rooms totalling 700sqft.

Another issue with items like nest, is that they measure the temperature in a specific location. Our house is not very square, it is very wide, but not that deep. This means that a centrally placed nest thermostat will be pretty useless, as the temperature in the hallway will have no correlation to the temperature in the family room some 35-40 feet away to the left, and the lounge a similar distance away to the right.

IMHO Evohome and Nest are apples and oranges. Both good, but in different scenarios imho.

The one annoyance about evohome is the lack of a repeater or mesh network technology. The benefits of Evohome are in my opinion even greater the larger the install - but without a repeater larger homes and those with several solid walls may find positioning of the base staions problematic.

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Andrew but i am none the wiser on how to link Hive to ST app.
I think some bedtime reading is required for this

Paul, read this:

There are other options that aren’t all that expensive.

I’ve got Secure (aka Horstmann) and they came up at less than 50 quid for each thermostat and controller pair. I’ve got 3 zones, 16 rads and they work pretty well for my needs. I’ll be the first to admin they’re not in the same league as Tado, Hive, Nest, etc but what they do is allow me to integrate them into ST which in turn allows some level of ‘Smartness’ about their application.

Search the forums for details on device handlers and information.

All, please lend your support here and vote for smartthings/REST api support here

Please vote for Heatmiser Neo integration with SmartThings here:

that’s a repeat of my post??

Hi Wayne, yes, just with the call to action and link (only) for absolute clarity.