Heatit Thermostat (Z Wave with Under Floor Heating)

Yes… it will still operate exactly as normal using the touch points on the device… If anything using this device handler just makes it a lot easier to do so. Inputting the configuration settings must be an absolute pain the ass using the touch buttons.

Yes. Changes made will be reflected in both. I have made a reasonable effort to ensure that it is always synced up… However, occasionally there may be a small delay… but for most things it will be near instantaneous.


What operations other than controlling temperature can this device handler offer?

You are also able to adjust all the possible configurations available with this device. See instructions for more detail…

You can also use the device in conjunction with a rule creator such as CoRE to automate your UFH

What more could you possibly want it to do!?

Ok cool!

Is the room and/or floor temperature displayed through the app?

Yes but not at the same time. You have to change the Mode in the configuration to switch between the two

Any recommendations on where the best deal is on the Heatit thermostats? I’ve found them at Vesternet for £96. Just wondered if there’s a better deal elsewhere.

I’m purchasing one of these today. Are there any specific instructions on how to set this up through Smartthings?

£96 was the cheapest I found them as well - but it was a while ago

Install the Device handler first then include the device as per the instruction manual. Smartthings then should recognise the device correctly during the inclusion process.


So I installed my Heatit thermostat last night and had a bit of a play around with Smartthings I’ve a couple of questions…

  1. The Heat set point - If the temperature drops below this will the Heatit automatically kick in? I have mine configured to AF sensor mode.
  2. What is the Eco Mode set point
  3. When the dashboard is red, does this mean it is heating up or just means it isn’t off?
  4. Can I set up notifications somehow to know when the thermostat switches on and off?
  1. If the thermostat mode is set to “heat” then yes
  2. it is another way to heat up… to be honest I never use it. It works the same way as Heat Set Point but is activated when the mode is “Eco Heat”. I imagine it heats the place up in some more energy efficient manner (and probably slower).
  3. Red = mode Heat, Yellow = Eco Heat, anything else = off. It should clearly state which mode it is in. To change mode tap either the main tile (large one) or the mode tile (the on that either says heat, eco heat, or off). I would try not to button bash the tiles - when you tap them a lot of different commands are sent to and from the thermostat so it’s always a good idea to wait 20 seconds or so between changing mode.
  4. You can set up notifications when the reported temperature goes above or below a certain threshold… which is effectively the same thing. As far as I am aware this thermostat does not report operating mode (which would let you know if it is idle or heating even if the mode is “heat”). To set up notifications or schedules or any other automations with this thermostat I would recommend using @ady624’s CoRE app. It will let you set all kinds of notifications and automations for all kinds of events - and this device handler is fully compatible.

Is the temperature displayed in the centre tile, the temperature reading from the sensor type?

Yes… it should be - however, I’ve read conflicting information from various Heatit Manuals. There are some sources that say that no matter what mode you are in the reported temperature will always be the temperature from the wall sensor. However, from what I can tell, the displayed temperature is from whatever mode you are in… so for e.g. if you are in F mode (floor) then the reading comes from the floor sensor - at least that’s been my experience.

Has anyone found a comparable thermostat available in the US?

So far I am turning up empty. Only 250-300$ ugly white dumb boxes. Unbelievable. What an opportunity for their product.


Could you give me an example of what you’ve set up in CoRE to automate your thermostat along with your thermostat settings?

I’m finding that when I change the settings in the Smartthings app, those settings aren’t made. Any idea what could be going on there?

Thank you.

Does it matter what mode you’ve got the thermostat set on for it to take a temperature measurement?

Also, how are you handling when the ELSE part of this? Are you just setting the mode to off and the temperature set point back down to 21.5?

Didn’t we discuss this earlier? My experience is that the mode you have it in dictates which sensor is measured

This is a super simple example - there is no else part

Yes we did but my experiences of what is displayed in the centre tile area always appears to be what the set point is not what the actual temperature is. I can change the mode to economical and it will proceed to change the temperature in the centre to that. My understanding was that the reading in the middle is that from whatever mode is selected. This has was has prompted me to re-question as it seems coincidental that the display reading changes when the temp set point is changed.

If there’s no ELSE part how is the device deactivated from continuing to heat?

I have not seen this behaviour… and I dont think anyone else here has either. the only number that should change when you change the setpoint is the one along the bottom edge of the main tile that says “heating to xx”

Are you in F mode by any chance? remember that the floor sensor is always more likely to report a higher temp because its closer to the heating elements. I mainly use A mode (with some exceptions)

My wife and I have presence sensors. Once we both leave the apartment in the morning, the Goodbye routine fires. As part of the Goodbye routine the system automatically turns all UFH.

Remember, home automation is a very personal thing - I have set this up exactly how it fits around my life - it is unlikely to work for everyone like this. Tell me what you are trying to automate exactly and I will try my best to show you how to do it with Core